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Prepared foods that are particularly favored.



  • Cacio di Roma
    Malcolm's first favorite sheep's cheese, it's semi-soft like a cheddar or Pecornio Toscano but its flavor is very mild and nutty, sort of like Manchego.
  • Formaggio Pecorino Dolce Paulis
    Sharp, tart with a spicy, nutty finish.
  • Pecorino Antico Mugello (search for "Pecorino Antico Mugello")
    A semi-soft, not crumbly cheese. Piquant but not pungent. Very pleasant for eating by itself or with crackers.
  • Pecorino Elighe
    Hard sheep's milk cheese, pleasantly pungent. Obtained at Berkeley Bowl. Used in White Peach, Cheese and Heirloom Tomato Salad
  • Pecorino Moliterno with Truffles
    Another hard sheep's milk cheese. Very hard, very pungent and filled with truffley flavors. Obtained at Berkeley Bowl. Really tasty. Eaten alone or with a strong drink?
  • Pecorino Toscano (search for "Pecorino Toscano")
    A soft, young cheese with complex flavors and a slightly better finish. Piquant and complex. Mildly pungent. Young.

Flours and Starches

Hot Sauces


Soup Bases