Water and Chocolate Chocolate Mousse

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Introduction and Framing

From Hervé This (interview):

"I invented chocolate Chantilly — how to make a chocolate mousse without eggs, just foaming the chocolate. I was very proud, I got prizes for that. Later I discovered you can make the same with butter, foie gras, or even olive oil, so the invention is nothing [big in itself].

I invented shallot aioli [a mayonnaise-like emulsion usually made with garlic]. Later, I realised that if you grind any plant or animal sample with oil you can make an emulsion. So the number of types of aioli is infinite."

Barebones recipe.

Date Chocolate Brand Chocolate Type Ingredients  % Cacao Chocolate Amt (g) Water Amt (ml) Sugar Amt (g) Texture Notes
TCHO | 99% Baking | Cacao Beans | 99% | 50 g | 44 ml | 10 g | Too thick | Melted to a form too thick (add water). Set very quickly and too thickly. Slightly undersweet.