Cherries - glaceed

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Did some research sparked by Maraschino cherries, Luxardo cherries, Amarena cherries and other such things, esp. Siri's and Heather's fascination with same.


  • American (USA) Maraschino cherries are brined or brined with added chemicals to leach out the cherry-ness of cherries and replace entirely with candying syrup, sometimes also with coloring agents.
  • American (USA) Glace cherries are often Marschino cherries with additional glace treatments with strong/candying simple syrup, sometimes also with additional colorings or flavors.
  • European (Luxardo, Amarena, etc.) Glace cherries are glaceed instead completely, not involving a brining step and often canned with the syrup used to glace them.
  • Some recipes for glaceed cherries also involve brandy, almond extract, citrus peels or citrus flavorings.
  • The results of the candying seem to rely partly on the kind of cherries used.